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Judge Issues Restraining Order to Protect Stan Lee

A judge today granted a restraining order barring a man once described as Stan Lee‘s business manager from having any contact with the 95-year-old comics creator.

Variety reports that Keya Morgan, the 42-year-old memorabilia collector who in recent months had become Lee’s “gatekeeper,” is prohibited from contacting or coming near the legendary writer, his daughter J.C. Lee or his brother Larry Lieber. An earlier attempt to obtain a restraining order was denied after Tom Lallas, the attorney representing Lee at the time, was accused of acting without his consent.

Morgan, who has been at the center of much of the recent turmoil surrounding Lee, was charged in June with filing a false police report after he allegedly called 911 to claim the writer was being threatened by two armed gunmen in his home. In reality, Lee was meeting with two Los Angeles police detectives and a social worker who were performing a welfare check; Morgan was prevented from entering the home during the interview. Following Morgan’s arrest, Lee filed for a restraining order from the man who, only days earlier, he’d described in a video as his only partner and business manager.

Lee signed a declaration in February that three men, including Morgan, had attempted to take advantage of his daughter as part of a scheme to “gain control over my assets, property and money.” But in April, when the declaration came to light, along with accusations of physical and psychological elder abuse by his daughter, Lee angrily denied the allegations in a video recorded by Morgan, and threatened to sue anyone who made such claims.

Today in court, Lee’s attorney Jonathan Freund alleged that Morgan has stolen more than $5 million in artwork, cash and other assets. He specifically mentioned that Lee is paid in cash for autographs, which may further help to explain why he’s no longer performing public signings. Freund also accused Morgan of moving Lee out of his Hollywood Hills home at midnight on June 8 and taking him to an apartment in an effort to isolate him from his family.

Joan Lee, Stan Lee’s wife of 70 years, passed away in December at age 93. Since then, one of Lee’s associates has been accused of stealing $300,000 from his bank account, and using $850,000 of his money to buy a condominium. The same person is alleged to have forged an order for a nurse to draw “several vials” of Lee’s blood, which a recent report suggests was used to create ink to sign comic books.

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