June 7, 2019 - Scott Whitman

This subject comes up a lot online, be it as click bait in the form of “best cover” or simply as a way to generate comments. Regardless, it's always a fun topic for people to engage in. So, in my own desperation to keep to a weekly schedule, I figured I needed something that requires much less research. So here are some covers that I personally really like and don't feel get enough love. These are a mix of variants and regular covers, some may be old hat while others might be new to you.

Superman Unchained #4 Guillem March 1:25 Variant Recently I ended my quest to find a 9.8 of this book, so now I can talk about it. I've learned my lesson in regards to talking about a book before I have one, or multiple copies. It's true that this book has a rather large print run in comparison to other variants for this issue. But let's face it, there's not many Silver Banshee covers. Much less good Silver Banshee covers if we're being completely honest. While any heat Silver Banshee may have had due to the Supergirl TV show has long since died off, there's no reason to think that a much better attempt at the character won't happen someday. 

G.I. Joe Vol 1 # 43 This cover is an old one, and probably one of the earliest covers to make an impact on me artistically/visually. While the idea of a skeleton with a machine gun isn't anything new, even in the 80's, it's the way it's drawn and composed… the use of lighting and shadows to frame it. Covers like this are why Mike Zeck's is considered a master illustrator. While Zeck is a well known name among many comic collectors. I don't think he or his work has really received the recognition it truly deserves. He's probably best known for his work on Secret Wars #8. But his largest contribution to comics, in my opinion, was his work on GI Joe and the first Punisher mini series.