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Review: Mayhem Comics Des Moines, IA

So, I finally found a comic book store I don’t want to write about & it’s not why you might think. You ever find something so good, so completely perfect, you want to keep it a secret for as long as possible?

If you have, then you understand how I’m feeling about Mayhem Comics in Urbandale, IA. I know most of our regular blog readers come from Florida, our home state. But, if ever in Iowa, this place should be marked on your map. To visit, is to walk into a wonderland of games, toys, and comics.

I spent about an hour or so, frantically trying to see everything I could before I was forced to leave (Sadly, I had a work schedule to keep). As soon as I entered this place, I knew I was gonna have some fun.

The front area is an estimated 400-500sqft of everything gaming. We’re talking Magic, Star Wars, deck builders, figures, board games, you name it. To the right, is the checkout, but I can see through a window into the store next door. They also own that entire unit just for gaming tables. WOW! Off to the left is a wall of new comics with center cases of key books beautifully on display.

Now comes the back-stock books…..OMG! A whole separate room of industrial storage drawers neatly cataloged into easily search-able alpha numeric order. They even had drawers dedicated to just variants! Most importantly, the boxes were filled with great finds. No, full boxes of throw aways here! These books were so well stocked, I felt I was only limited by my capacity to remember the list of the books I’m hunting for.

So, proof is in the pudding, Here’s the entirety of my haul from the store.

-New Mutants #8 1st Surge (#3 on the Hot 10 List), Asking: $30

-Astro City #1, Asking:NFS

-X-Force #1 Bloody Variant, Asking: NFS

-Witchblade #77 Land CVR, Asking:NFS

-Witchblade Ace Edition Signed By Michael Turner w/ COA, Asking:$150

-Witchblade #8 Signed by Michael Turner, Asking: $100

-Witchblade #1 B&W, Asking:NFS

-Invincible Iron-Man #11 Venomized Variant x2, Asking:NFS

-Queen Sonja #26 Lucio Parillo CVR, Asking:$15

-Queen Sonja #25 Lucio Parillo CVR, Asking:$15

-Red Sonja Revenge of the Gods #5 Lucio Parillo CVR, Asking: NFS

-Warlords of Mars #23 Lucio Parillo CVR, Asking: NFS

-Red Sonja Black Tower #4 Amanda Conner, CVR Asking:NFS

-Red Sonja #100 Pepoy CVR, Asking:NFS

-Black Panther #18 Frison Variant, Asking:NFS

-Sword of Sorrows #1 Frison CVR, Asking:NFS

-Vampirella #8 Frison CVR, Asking:NFS

-Vampirella #3 Frison CVR, Asking:NFS

-Vampirella #2 Linsner CVR, Asking:NFS

-Vampirella #9 Frison CVR, Asking:NFS

-Vampirella #13 Frison CVR, Asking:NFS

Books I didn’t give an asking price on were bought to be signed and graded at an upcoming con. I don’t disclose acquisition costs, but I highlighted 3 books that more than cover my cost to purchase this lot. So, you have an idea of the deals to found here. Overall, I had a blast and will be going back there if fortune gives me the opportunity. Happy Hunting! (Books I acquire on the road can be bought on our CBC store page soon. We’ll send a notice when they go up, so make sure you subscribe)

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