Cinematic Superheroes & When We First Saw Them

In the current age of superhero cinema, it can almost be hard to remember that most of the major characters debuted on comic book pages many decades ago. Particularly for younger generations, it may one day seem as if the past 18 years or so of superhero movies were in fact the origins of the characters. This is the way of things, and makes perfect sense, but sometimes it’s also fun to look at the other places we’ve seen major superheroes – and where they first came from. To cover every superhero that’s appeared on the big screen in the 21st century would be an exhausting process. But we can at least take a look back at some of the big ones. Wolverine

It’s only appropriate to start the conversation with Wolverine, because he was really the hero to kick off the

modern superhero era – and he’s also one of the more ubiquitous comic book characters in general. When Hugh Jackman took on the role of Wolverine for the 2000 X-Men movie we had no way of knowing he’d keep it for 17 years, nor that those years at the theaters would be completely dominated by superheroes. Even before then though, Wolverine was a known commodity. He appeared in enough video games for people to rank the best and worst of them, and his classic costume and claws have long made for excellent poster and costume material. As for his first comic book appearance though, Wolverine is surprisingly young. He was first seen in The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974), and had his first major appearance in the following issue later that year. Wolverine’s tie-ins with the X-Men first began to be fleshed out in Giant-Size X-Men #1 the following year. Iron Man