Totally Underrated and Awesomely Overlooked

(Here's a great article that was published on CBSI by Dale Valiant Horton. This makes you think on a few things for the long term investor.)

I have long been a fan of Totally Awesome Hulk and, even though it met with mixed reviews, have always (just about) enjoyed the book. While I admit that pre-TAH Amadeus Cho was not a favorite character of mine, I am going to go on record saying that out of all the All-New Legacy race/gender flip NOW! books we got recently, the TAH run may be the most fulfilling to this era of Marvel. While many are looking to Miles, Riri, Kamala or Moon Girl (ok, maybe just me with Moon Girl) to be the next MCU star, Cho may be the most likely candidate (or did he already appear under our noses?? Sneaky Marvel devils). All this will be explained if you stick with me for a few long-winded semi-organized paragraphs accompanied by some TAH fanboyism.

Let’s start from Cho’s first appearance, Amazing Fantasy #15. The title just rolls off the tongue … it has a

certain legendary ring to it right? Yes, his first appearance was set in an iconic book title and iconic issue number – if that’s not a reason to get interested I don’t know what is. Originally dubbed the 7th smartest person in the world after the death of his parents Philip and Helen Cho, he meets up with the Hulk, they become friends and things continue like this for a while with Cho working both for and against SHIELD for years to come.

Totally Awesome Hulk. Fast forward to his run as the Hulk. The Hulk powers were transferred to him as a way to save Banner from a meltdown. As Tony Stark and the Black Panther (some of the smartest heroes in Marvel at the time) could not figure out how to stop the Hulk from becoming a nuke, Cho offered his genius. Together (mainly Cho figuring out how to absorb Banner’s power with nanobots), they “cured” Banner; giving him what he always wanted, a normal life. So from here on, Cho takes on the role of Hulk but being a more relaxed and stress free person, his version of the Hulk was much more comical than monstrous.

So that’s the back story to Amadeus Cho. Now let’s get into why his 23 issue run tops the new hero charts.