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Review: Alter Ego Comics

Today CBC takes you to Marion, IA to check out the local comic flare. There you can find Alter Ego Comics; working to provide the locals their weekly new comic books. Here are a few of my observations during my visit.

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Pet Peave: They do not bag and board!

It's 50 cents per book to protect your purchase. This in my opinion, is the kind of penny pinching that's indicative of an owner lacking a passion for their own product. This is not a great start.

The Bad:

This is a small comic shop with very little room for much of anything in the way of backstock. The "key" wall doesn't exist and don't bother asking if there are any collector level books for purchase. According to the shopkeeper, they prefer to sell those online. That's right folks, this is not a store for the collector.

The Good:

It's not all bad. This is a nice little LCS for the weekly reader. Alter Ego does a good job of carrying most of the new titles and number

1's; albeit limited on variants.

They offer subscription services and have a nice selection of statues and toys. The staff is pleasant and eager to answer any questions you might have.

Final Word: This is not my brand of comic store. It lacks all the major things I love about collecting. However, that's the keyword, collecting. I love reading comics, but I will forever be a collector. I need the flashy 1st appearances on the wall and the piles of backstock with the "hidden gold promise" to get me excited. A small store such as this only fills a partial need for me. It is good for what it is, but I won't be clamoring for a return visit.

Overall Rating:

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