Batman’s Getting Married! It’s Time To Tell The Kids – And The Ex

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #33 by Tom King and Joëlle Jones, on sale now.

It’s always a little awkward when Dad decides to get married. He and his future bride are plenty happy, but no one can really be sure how everyone else will react to the pending nuptials. The kids might take it well, or they might not, but they most likely will experience various levels of acceptance – and that’s to say nothing of breaking the news to the ex.

Tom King and Joëlle Jones’ Batman #33 explores how such a scenario unfolds for the first time within the context of the Bat-family, in the wake of Selina Kyle finally accepting Bruce Wayne’s marriage proposal last issue. As Batman and Catwoman head off on a kind of pre-honeymoon trip – the kind only a Bat-couple rightfully could experience – the news of Bruce’s impending marriage is shared within the walls of Wayne Manor.

My Four Sons

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Duke Thomas – Bruce’s figurative sons – along with Damian – his literal one – don’t hear the big announcement from “Dad” himself, though. Instead, already accustomed to handling tasks too unpleasant for Bruce to take care of himself, the news is delivered to the boys by a discernably discomforted Alfred. The guys, in turn, react to Alfred’s bombshell to varying degrees of astonishment.

Dick, the oldest and most level-headed of Batman’s former sidekicks, doesn’t seem asto