TOM BREVOORT on LEGACY Longterm, Future of Events, and the Return of the FANTASTIC FOUR?

Marvel's Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has helped guide Marvel's line for years, and has been instrumental in the company's journey from Secret Empire, to Generations, and now to "Legacy" - stories he considers three parts of a whole.

With Marvel Legacy #1, written by Jason Aaron with art from Esad Ribic and numerous other artists, now just days away from its September 27 release, Newsarama followed up with Brevoort after our previous conversation aboutSecret Empire to find out in Brevoort's own words what "Legacy" is, what it stands for, and what it means for a few very important titles.

In the course of our conversation, Brevoort also talked about "poisoning the water" with a villainous Captain America, whether Marvel 2-In-One will reveal what's next for the Fantastic Four, and Marvel's outlook on what he calls "capital-'E' events" for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and of course, the nature of that big return that we know is coming in Marvel Legacy #1.

Newsarama: Tom, "Legacy" has some obvious immediate effects – the return of original numbering, classic stories and characters returning – but what does it mean for the Marvel Universe in the long term?

Tom Brevoort: “Legacy” is, in essence, the third act of a larger superstructure. In setting up the re-propagation of these classic characters, we had a lot of them who were replaced, or removed, or displaced, and now we’re going to bring all of those threads to fruition and propel those characters into tomorrow.

What does it mean long term? It kinda means what it always means. It means we’re going to tell stories that take these characters in a new direction that we haven’t seen before, and that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.