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Reputed ALEX ROSS Image Adds to FANTASTIC FOUR Return Speculation

Superstar comic book artist Alex Ross, according to an account on Reddit, posted an image on Instagram that appeared to be a preliminary sketch of Reed and Sue Richards in redesigned Fantastic Four uniforms, then, according to the Reddit poster, took down the image a short time later. The reputed image is, however, preserved on Imgur, where it can be viewed.

The uniforms worn by Reed & Sue in the image appear to be an entirely new design


Ross has been hired by Marvel on several occasions to redesign characters, including Bucky's Captain America uniform, the 'Parker Inc.' era Spider-Man, and most recently the "Legacy" Falcon design. The Marvels artist also previously created redesigns of many Marvel characters that were never used, including a notable redesign for the entire X-Men team, so even if genuine it is not certain this art is intended for a new project.

The Richards family has not been seen since the end of Secret Wars in January 2016, remaining in a pocket universe to rebuild Marvel's multiverse in the wake of the events of that series.

Marvel recently announced the revival of Marvel 2-In-One as part of "Legacy," which will reunite Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm on a search for the Richards family in a story called "The Fate of the Four," starting in December.

September 27's Marvel Legacy #1 has also promised a much-awaited returning character.

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