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WHAT’S IN A NAME? For sure it’s not what it use to be! Every time I read a Flier or Ad. saying someone is having a COMIC CON / CONVENTION. I think great I’ll go and buy some Comics and Toys for our CBC Comic Book & Toy Shows. WRONG! I get there and sometimes I’ll have to pay $30 to get in and surprise, Only 2 or 3 COMIC DEALERS. PLEASE, Quit calling it a Comic CON or CONVENTION if you’re not going to have more then a few comic dealers. NEWS FLASH, It’s not a Comic Convention. It a costume/Cosplay, Anime, Artists, even Gaming Convention. Not a COMIC CON! I’m so tired of paying $25 to $35 to go to a Comic Convention and have no comic dealers. I have a friend (Tom) who puts on a great Daytona Show he does it right, half or more of the Convention will be Comic Dealers (I Spent over $7000. at his last show. His Con cost around $10 to get in. (GREAT!) This past weekend I went to a COMIC CON in Ocala, They hit you for $5. to park in Hotel parking lot, Charge $20 at door. Only had 3 real Comic Dealers and 3 that had a few boxes of comics on their tables. $25 for nothing. Don’t call it a Comic Con. It’s Not! When I started doing our CBC COMIC BOOK & Toy SHOWS about 6 years ago, I made the mistake of calling it a comic Con. It wasn’t it’s a Comic Show. What we do at our shows are COMICS & TOYS. That’s why I changed the name to Show. When you come to our show There’ll be no less then 60.000 or more comics depending size of location. 100’s of Toys, Plus a lot more stuff. Sorry, we don’t do Anime, No Gaming once in a while we’ll have a Artist or two. Local Artist mostly. You’ll get 10 free comics your choice out of the best 50 cent boxes of any SHOW or CON in Florida! Also when you pay admission, Kids 12 and under get in free with paid Adult. Door prizes every hour starting at noon. If its a 2 Day show which most are door prizes start at 11am. We try to have tons of new stuff at every show. Redone 50 Cent boxes plus all the $2 to $5 boxes etc are redone for every show. Plus the longest Key and silver age comic wall in Florida. If you’re looking for that hard to collect comic and want to have fun looking and winning give our show a try. Next Show: 4000 Sq Ft of nothing but comics and toys. Ocala Saturday June 18, HOLIDAY INN / I-75 & 200 / Behind Cracker Barrel / Grand Door Prize at 3pm: CAPT AMERICA Electric Guitar. Cool, See you there! Joe

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