August 17, 2018 Ben Steiniger 


1 Amazing Spider-Man #212

WRITER: Denny O'Neil
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
With all the available Spidey villains, rumor has it that Hydro-Man is going to be in the next movie?  Really?  Anyway, this was a $10-20 book last week and now it's $60-100+.



2 Carnage: Mind Bomb #1

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Kyle Hotz
So as I was writing this on Thursday, prices had risen from $10-20 up to $30-50.  When I woke up this morning, they were exceeding $100?!?!  Is this really worth more than ASM #361??






3 The Rejected #NN

WRITER: Stan Konopka
ARTIST: Corey Anderson
High cover price, super obscure publisher.  The story premise sounds interesting but $20-30 seems a bit steep for my taste.






4 Amazing Spider-Man FCBD 2007

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Phil Jimenez
So Matt DeVoe talked about this one on our Flipside podcast.  I'm not still very bullish on a Free comic, but apparently this is Spider-Man week and this one is hitting $20ish at the moment.






5 The Kitchen #1 Ming Doyle 1:13 Variant

WRITER: Ollie Masters
ARTIST: Ming Doyle
No specific news on this upcoming movie, but it was mentioned in a prominent comic website's article about female comic movies.  That mention pushed this from a $10 book to the $30 range.  McCarthy and Haddish are big stars, but we will see if a successful movie will keep this one on the wanted list.





6 Aquaman (Vol. 6) #39 Josh Middleton Variant

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Definitely not as hot as some were hoping for, but still selling in the $10-15 range.  For my Middleton/Mera money, I actually prefer #10…but, this one makes the list based on the volume of sales alone.





7 Infinity Wars #2 Unmasked Variant

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
There are a bunch of these out there.  People still want it based on the volume of sales in the $15-20 range.  These ‘secret' variants do generate sales so I would expect to see more of them in the future.






8 Vampirella: Roses For the Dead #1 Mike Mayhew ‘Virgin' Variant /500

WRITER: Kristina Deak-Linsner
ARTIST: Joseph Michael Linsner
Hughes/Catwoman, JSC/Black Cat, Lee/Batman…Mayhew/Vampirella?  Some people are just made to do a character.  This gorgeous cover can be had around the $50 mark right now.




9 Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4 Rod Reis 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gary Whitta
ARTIST: Michael Walsh
Returning to the list, these have virtually vanished from eBay.  Now selling for $60-70.  The price progression reminds me of the Quesada Force Awakens variant.






10 Riptide #1

WRITER: Scott Chitwood
ARTIST: Danny Luckert
Hate all you want on some of these indies, but someone is buying them.  I feel sorry for the people that trash books that they didn't ‘predict' would be hot.  For the record, I missed buying in on every book on this weeks list except for 1 (and this one isn't it)–so please, come at me with your ridiculous accusations of price manipulation.  Prices are up from last week and are now hitting $20-30.