Sony Planning Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio Movies



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Looks like Venom isn’t the only Spider-villain to get his own film from Sony, Sony is also planning a Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio film for each of the characters. 
Kraven the Hunter first appears in Amazing Spider-man #15, Mysterio first appears in Amazing Spider-man #13




But this first movie in partnership with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is not just the first film in a Spider-Man franchise, but the first step in kicking off a whole new series of movies. We’ve already gotten confirmation of Tom Hardy playing Venom in his own spinoff movie, but the symbiote isn’t the only villain to get the spotlight.

A Hollywood Reporter profile about new Sony chief Tom Rothman indicates that the studio is planning projects based on both Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio, classic Spider-Man villains who have yet to appear on the big screen.


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